Considering Cheesecake

Amory –
This is not may first and certainly not my last cheesecake. I fell in love with this delectable dessert on a trip to New York, where I tasted the richest and most delicious example in Grand Central Station. My experimentations and research have turned up a number of different ways to improve the baking process. This is a recipe I adapted off of a book I found in a local fair.
Anna –
Cheesecake is a wonderfully simple and delicious dessert. My mom used to make me cheesecake as a birthday cake when I went through my “I don’t like normal cake” phase. I love the graham cracker crust just as much as I like the cream cheese filling. There are not too many places to go wrong in cheesecake.


Tomorrow as a group, we are making cheese cake with strawberry jelly on top. I personally have never made cheesecake. I am really excited to do something new and different. I hear that it is not too difficult and hopefully everything will work out well. Personally I love cheese cake especially covered in strawberries. I’m really excited about tomorrow and I cannot wait to see the end result.


One response

  1. I think I ‘ll have to make this for Pi day this year — along with an all-time favorite apple-cranberry pie. Thanks for the inspiration.

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