Bull’s-Eye Eggs (Egg in Toast)

Time Commitment: <15 Minutes

Yield:  1 Bull’s-Eye

1 Egg
1 Slice 12 Grain Bread
2 T Butter

This is how you want to cut the bread before buttering it.

1.    Cut a 2-inch in diameter hole in the slice of bread.
2.    Butter both sides of the disk and ring of bread.
3.    Melt about a teaspoon of butter in an 8-inch frying pan over medium heat and heat the butter until it bubbles.
4.    Place the two pieces of bread next to each other in the frying pan and crack an egg into the ring of bread. If the yolk breaks, scramble the egg lightly. 
5.    Cook both pieces over low heat until the bread disk is well browned, shaking the pan to prevent the egg from sticking. Then flip the disk.
6.    Lift up the bread and egg with a spatula and drop a little less than a teaspoon of butter on the pan and turn the Bull’s-Eye onto the melted butter.
7.    Remove the pan from the heat, let the egg finish cooking (about 20 seconds), and serve.

Cooking the first side

This time the egg broke after I added it, so I scrambled it.

Normally, I cook with nonstick pans, but I didn’t have one today. Despite my efforts to keep the egg from sticking by shaking the pan, the egg stuck repeatedly. I was able to prevent some sticking by adding a little cooking oil to the pan each time I added butter. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a foolproof solution and the egg still stuck to the pan, even with the oil.

The Final Product
This is how the dish is served. Notice how there is egg that leaked onto the pan after it was flipped. This is normal.

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